When music’s biggest stars hit the road, their first stop is Third Encore. Our Spacious rehearsal studios are specifically designed for great acoustics and are ideal for fine-tuning your performance before embarking on your next tour or heading into the studio.

Our facility has seven fully-equipped studios ranging from 900 to 2,250 square feet, full backline rental department, storage lockers, pro-audio equipment and Tour Supply all on one lot with plenty of parking.

We’ve Got LA’s Best!

Our seven studios range in size from 900 to 2,250 square feet and are built to feel and sound like the venue you’ll be performing at next. All of our studios are carpeted, draped and acoustically tuned to create a comfortable and artistic atmosphere. 

All our studios come with floor wedge monitors, side fills, mixing console and at least one artist lounge/production space included in our competitive studio rates.


At Third Encore, we’re prepared to take care of all your equipment needs. That’s why our full-service complex offers the best brands in instrument and backline rentals on-site, including:

Guitar/bass amplifiers
Complete drum sets
Audio Equipment


For temporary or long-term storage, we offer private lockers ranging from 50 to 1,000+ square feet. This allows you to house everything from a few guitars to enough equipment to pull off a complete tour without a hitch.

Third Encore’s Annex Studios build on our reputation for offering high quality rehearsal space and expand it to the world of Premium Monthly 24HR Lockouts. 


Booking, Backline/Pro Audio Rentals, and General Questions

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24hr Lockout Annex | 310-924-4516

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